Let’s level up your next virtual or hybrid event.

Transport your teams with our tech expert-tested and client-trusted Virtual Engagement Platform (VEP). We’ll handle the boring tech stuff to ensure everything runs smoothly, while your attendees enjoy an exceptional experience!

At this point, we’re event production pros, and we’ve seen our fair share of good virtual event platforms (and some not so good).

But we don’t just settle for good. We strive for jaw-dropping freaking INCREDIBLE!

True to our digital nomadic lifestyle, we ventured out into the unknown in search of creating our own engaging, user-friendly, virtual engagement platform to make online event planning a breeze. If you’re looking for that seamless experience, see what T!LT’s VEP can offer you.

Tailor the look and feel of your virtual event for your attendees.

Fully customize your virtual event to connect with your attendees and show off your killer brand style.

Welcome your attendees into a digital lobby where we’ve sprinkled plenty of branding and sponsorship opportunities. The lobby can be setup to host multiple events or single standalone experiences.

Set your attendees up for success with user-friendly tools and features.

Build a login with a variety of authentication methods, end-to-end encryption of user data, and third-party registration site integration for a login (so secure, even Houdini couldn’t crack it).

Allow attendees to register for themselves and offer self-service password recovery…just in case (we’ve all been there before).

Live Help
Supply instant customer support from friendly representatives and a built-in knowledge base — no bots, just real people who speak your language.

Offer personalized, live agendas to each attendee or global agendas for the entire event that include General Session Streams and Interactive Breakouts & Networking.

Keep your audience engaged every step of the way.

Encourage plenty of interaction through video, audio, and messaging chat features, along with collaborative documents and whiteboards.

Interactive Breakouts
Break out attendees into smaller groups to encourage intentional conversation.

Live Stream
Stream live videos and events with HD quality and live interactive features like polls, quizzes, and moderated Q&As. And if Videos On Demand are important to you, no problem! VOD is simple. Just tell us what you want available after the live broadcast ends, and we’ll make it happen.

Immerse your attendees in our fully integrated metaverse where Zoom meets Fortnite. We have to admit, this may be the coolest thing you’ve seen since Tupac rose from the dead and performed at Coachella.


Capture event and attendee data during or after the event has ended.

Web Analytics
Understand exactly what your attendees loved about every aspect of your event from the branding to the agendas!

Detailed Attendee Analytics
Know the level of interaction for every attendee during your event.

Are you ready to gear up with the perfect tool to elevate your virtual event game? To see, hear, and feel the T!LT VEP magic for yourself, book a demo with us.

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